About Life in the Kawaii Lane

Welcome to Life in the Kawaii Lane, we are a married couple from the UK whose love of Kawaii culture and style is reflected in every part of our lives!

We started the blog to help share the widest range of Kawaii topics we could - Kawaii covers lots of styles, interests and tastes and that's what we represent here at Life in the Kawaii Lane!

From fashion and accessories, music and games, home and away (and every Kawaii thing inbetween!), Life in the Kawaii Lane is here to make the world just that little bit brighter!

At Life in the Kawaii Lane we are proud to be independent - we've turned down offers to affiliate and sponsor in the past because we want readers to know they can trust our reviews to be honest, independent and speaking from actual experience. We will never accept payment (or freebies) for any kind of blog post/review.

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