Sunday, 26 June 2016

Miracle Gift Parade - Happy 25th Birthday Puroland ^^

To celebrate its 25th Birthday, Puroland has changed its main parade for the first time in 8 years! The Miracle Gift Parade started being shown in Puroland on 5th December 2015 and my favourite designer Sebastian Masuda of 6%DokiDoki was the Art Director. He is the Decora King and when Mr heard about the parade he went on the hunt! Puroland release DVDs in their theme park shops of the parades you see when you visit, so you don't need to worry about trying to video them yourself! They sell professionally made versions of each parade, the only problem is, they're only available in Japan :(

That did not deter Mr and he surprised me with my very own copy of the Miracle Gift Parade DVD!

Here is a pic of the inside of the DVD slip case and a free print for the parade that comes with the DVD set!

The Parade features Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel arriving from the Strawberry Kingdom, with all your favourite Sanrio characters in tow! Here they are in their super cute parade outfits!

All covered in donuts and strawberries!!! Cute!! <3

I didn't want to spoil the parade for anyone wanting to see it so I instead of taking screen shots of the parade I found these pics on the Sanrio Puroland website. The Parade contains super Kawaii floats and dancers that take you off to a magical fantasy land! The characters appear on four super Kawaii floats:

Aren't they just super Kawaii?!?!?! I think the Kawaii Float is my favourite! <3

The Parade is all in Japanese but we have never found that a problem, Puroland have always been very good at having parades that translate easily through what you see, it's not hard to figure out what is going on! If you aren't planning a trip to Tokyo anytime soon, (or you are) then grab yourself a Puroland DVD, they are a great way of bringing a taste of Puroland home! We have bought them each time we have been and have a small collection now:

Do you own any of these parades? I can't wait to visit and see the next one!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
PinkuiroPixie ^^

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


When we were in Japan we came across a chain of stores called Tiger, it's a Danish store that sells all sorts of strange and wonderful items across Europe and Japan. Because we were in Japan we couldn't really bring anything back with us, so we were stoked to see a store open up in the new Grand Central in Birmingham! You can find all sorts of items in the store, home items, stationery, food, toys and more! They do some really cute stuff which we just had to have in our home!

The first item that grabbed our attention is this bin. Now I know, it's a bin, it sounds very boring, but it's been woven out of Japanese magazines!

It's so colourful and quirky that we just had to buy it! And it looks awesome in our living room! The mix of quirky and Japan is just us! And it was a bargain at £6!

We also picked up these super cute tea light holders:

They did them in six colours so to be super decora we bought one of each colour! They were only £1! We have put them on our fire place and they look awesome! A real pop of colour and a great way to add more colours into a room!

The last items we picked up were these:

Ice cream styled tumblers! They had lots of colours available, Mr chose orange and I chose green! If you love quirky items then make sure you check out a store near you, they don't sell online :( But with some of the items we have picked up it's worth checking it out!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
PinkuiroPixie ^^

Sunday, 19 June 2016

The new TsumTsum D/Style Collection ^^

The Disney Store has released a super cute TsumTsum collection for the summer as part of their D/Style collection. The D/Style collection is a range of items, such as clothes, accessories and home decor, inspired by the fashions of Japan. The collection features their super Kawaii TsumTsums as scoops of icecream! Kawaii!! We picked up a few bits from our local Disney Store in Birmingham!

These were the first items I spotted when we first went in! I love cute water bottles that I can carry about with me or use at work so I just had to grab these for the summer! On the left is a screw lid plastic cup with a pink swirled ice cream lid and a cute stripey straw! The bottle on the right is a thinner screw top bottle which is perfect for carrying with me when I'm out and about! Both are decorated with super cute Tsum ice creams!

I've got a soft spot for cute lunch boxes too so I grabbed this one for work:

I just love the colour of it! And it's got a separate tray compartment to store bits for my lunch! It clips together keeping my lunch safe inside! Again, it's decorated with a super cute Pooh and Piglet ice cream! nom!!

Mr and I love super cute homeware so made sure to grab a few other bits they had in the store. We picked up these Kawaii bowls:

Aren't they cute? And we picked up these larger bowls that are perfect for serving up treats to guests on gaming nights!

They are COVERED in super cute TsumTsums! We also picked up these cups:

They come in a pack of four with each cup featuring different scoops of character ice cream:

I know which one Mr will want to use!! The bowls and cups are made from melamine so are a better quality plastic than normal plastic items. I have a Hello Kitty melamine plate and it has lasted me ages! So with good care these should last as well! The summer Ice Cream set had a few other items available, some I have seen in store and others online. They have a few plates, trays and bags that I have only seen online! Make sure you check the range out next time you're in store!

The last item I grabbed from the store was this pack of TsumTsum nail art!

It contains 12 press on nails, 29 nail gems and 24 TsumTsum stickers and I can't wait to use them!!

The Disney Store are releasing the Star Wars: The Force Awakens TsumTsum range this week squeeeeeeeeee!! Can't wait to get my hands on a Rey and BB-8!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!
PinkuiroPixie ^^

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Finding Dory and The Little Mermaid TsumTsums! ^^

Today the Disney Store released two super Kawaii TsumTsum sets, one for the release of Finding Dory and the other is based on The Little Mermaid! Being TsumTsum mad and to make sure we got all the Tsums we wanted, Mr and I headed to the Disney Store in Birmingham this morning before work! We were quite surprised at the queue of people ready to pounce and as the seconds counted down we all huddled around the store entrance! The Disney Store released these sets slightly differently this month as they released them in store today, with them being available to buy online next Tuesday (14th June).

Well......we got all the Tsums we wanted! We are huge Finding Nemo fans and can't wait to see Finding Dory, so we just had to pick this set up:

The set has 9 Tsums including (from bottom right to the top left) Baby Otter, Mr Ray, Destiny, Bailey, Crush, Nemo, Hank, Marlin and Dory! Kawaii!! They are a super cute set and I'm so glad we got them all! They are (as always) super detailed, here is a pic of Bailey and Mr Ray:

I love Mr Rays fins and Baileys head! And here is a close up of Crush and Hank:

Crush is so detailed, his face is exactly how it is in the movie! And just look at Hank's octopus legs!
The second set released today is a set of 4 Tsums based on The Little Mermaid and it comes in a super cute Flounder bag!

Flounder is one of my favourites and I just had to get this when I saw it advertised on the website! It contains these beauties!

Here we have Scuttle, Sebastian, Flounder and Ariel! They are super cute!

Here are Ariel's sidekicks close up! Flounder has a super cute winky face, Sebastian is smiling and Scuttle, well, is being Scuttle! And Ariel.....she's in her pink dress:

How cute is Ariel?!?!?!?! KAWAII that's what she is! They all are! And we're super chuffed we managed to get them all! It was quite a hustle in the store with people buying several sets each ><

If you haven't got hold of these yet, or if you don't live close enough to a Disney Store, these go on sale on the Disney Store site next Tuesday!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is celebrating 5 years since she started her musical career and along with releasing KPP BEST album, Kyary is going on her third world tour!!

We've already got our tickets for her London show - is anyone else planning to go see one of her shows?

Kyary has released a special promotional video for the tour, check it out:

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!
Pinkuiropixie and Mr ^^

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tokimeki Sendenbu - Muteki no Uta

Tokimeki Sendenbu, also known as TokiSen, was formed in 2015 and is a sister act for groups including Momoiro Clover Z and Tacoyaki Rainbow.

Today TokiSen releases its 3rd single, Muteki no Uta! Check out the video:

Mata ne!