Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween - Happy Birthday Kuromi!

Today is Halloween, it is also the birthday of Kuromi, a super cute Sanrio character.

Kuromi first featured in the anime Onegai My Melody and although she is My Melody's friend she sees them both as rivals. She is known to be a mischievous character and is much loved by rocker girls because of her appearance! She is a white rabbit-like creature who wears a black jesters hat with a pink skull on the front. She also has a black devil tail instead of the normal fluffy rabbit tail. You can even find her wearing pink cherries on some of her outfits! As you may have picked up on already, her favourite colours are hot pink and black! Despite being a tomboy she can actually be very girly and loves reading romantic stories and cooking. She also has a sidekick named Baku (the purple creature in the pic above), he can fly!

Kuromi is the leader of a gang known as "Kuromi's 5" which features a purple cat named Nyanmi, a pale orange dog named Wanmi, a white fox named Konmi, and a grey and white rat named Chumi. Super Kawaii don't you think?!

Kuromi is one my favourite Sanrio characters and I'm lucky enough to have met her on my first trip to Puroland:

As you can see I even wore my Kuromi top! ^^ Although she's quite a rare character when it comes to merchandise, you can find her on some items/ranges with My Melody. Here is a super kawaii figurine:

This is Kurumi Nui, Kuromi's human form!
A common outfit you can find Kuromi wearing is a maid outfit such as the one on the pendant below:

And here is a set of bookmarkers that feature both My Melody and Kuromi as maids! ^^

So you can get hold of her if you look carefully! Like I said before, her style and colours make her a favourite character of rocker girls as well as some dark decora girls I spotted around Harajuku! So, what do you think of Kuromi?


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kawaii Gaming - Disgaea

Disgaea started as a video game series based on tactical role playing but since it debuted in 2003 it has become one of Nippon Ichi's most popular gaming series; expanding into both Anime and Manga. The series features around several anti-heroes with the leader being an evil overlord name Laharl, his 'assistant' is Etna who is a lower powered demon. It doesn't sound very Kawaii but believe me, the characters, music and games are very Kawaii!!

The series started with Disgaea - Hour of Darkness, this game has three main characters, Laharl (at the top of the pic below), Etna (on the left with red hair) and Flonne (on the right with blonde hair) who is a celestial being from Celestia.

The series starts with Laharl's father dying, leaving the young prince Laharl and his quirky army battling demons and beasts for supremacy over the Netherworld! The first game was released on the Playstation 2:

The game is based around strategy so you will need to level up your characters and gain the best weapons and outfits for them so they become strong! When I say level them up, I mean you will spend some serious time playing these games! I have spent 100s of hours levelling up and seeking out the best items and outfits for my characters just on the first game ^^ Each level has conditions that you will need to play against, so you will need to have a wide variety of characters in your squad, such as mages, samuari, warriors, thieves and healers.

The second game, Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, was also released on the PS2:

This story sees the main character Adell and his family who have become demons, kidnap the Princess of the Netherworld. The game entails Adell racing to return the Princess (Rozalin) to her home where he hopes to defeat her Overlord father and break the curse lingering over his family and the world. The game sees the return of several characters such as Etna and the Prinnies!! Here is a pic of the main characters Adell and Rozalin:

The third game, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, was released on the PS3:

This game is based around an Evil Academy where the 'tardiest, laziest and downright rudest demons get the top marks'. Mao is the school Dean's son who wants to rule, so he hatches a plan to topple his father to become the new Overlord!! Here is a pic of Mao and Raspberyl (who Mao has known since he was little):

The fourth game, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten was also released on the PS3:

This game is a political one and features a group of characters rebelling against the President of the Netherworld! Again, it has some super Kawaii characters:

This is Fuka Kazamatsuri, she was sent to Hades to become a Prinny but they were short of Prinny outfits so she only got a hat!

This is Vulcanus in the game she is an infamous Angel. And this is Emizel, the only son of the President of the Netherworld:

Due to the game series being so successful it branched out into Manga and Anime with the complete Anime series being released in 2011.

The series follows the plot of the first game where Laharl leads a team through the Netherworld as he battles to become the supreme Overlord. You can catch a small trailer for the anime here:

There will be a fifth installment in the series released in 2015 on the PS4, so watch this space!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

i☆Ris - Miracle Paradise

The idol group i☆Ris is releasing a new single, Miracle Paradise, on November 12. It is the theme song for the anime PriPara (Prism Paradise), which began in July 2014 and features the members of i☆Ris as voice actresses!

Here's the kawaii promotional video for the single:

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Kawaii Collections - Harajuku Lovers Perfume

Being a huge fan of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Perfume, I just had to do a post on my collection after finding out the she has just launched a new set in the range!

To take you back, Gwen Stefani launched Harajuku Lovers Perfume back in 2005 as part of the Harajuku Lovers Fashion and Perfume range. The brand is built around Gwen's love of Japanese fashion and youth culture and went on to win several top awards including the prestigious FiFi Awards for both Best Women's Luxury Fragrance and Best Women's Luxury Fragrance Packaging.

I first spotted the range in Boots and after buying one I was hooked! Here is the first set I bought:

Each bottle has two parts, the doll and a perfume stand which the doll sits on top of. Each fragrance in the range is represented by either Gwen, Love, Lil'Angel, Music or Baby, the Harajuku Girls that sung and danced with Gwen. Each doll has its own individual style which is a copy of the characters played by Gwen and the Harajuku Girls. The dolls are very detailed and look super Kawaii on display! Even the backs had full detail:

My most favourite set that I have is the Wicked Style set:

This is a special range with each doll's hair being velour and brightly coloured. Each doll's outfit and perfume represents a famous Harajuku fashion. Love is designed around Lolita fashion. Lil'Angel is designed around Goth Lolita fashion. Gwen is designed as an Omotesando girl. Music is designed around Visual Kei and Baby is designed around Decora!!!! ^^ They have also changed the colour of the perfume to match the outfit of each doll.

So those are the 'large doll' sets that I have. When I say 'large doll' I mean that each range was released as both a large and a small doll, here is an example of both the large and small dolls available:

The next set I have in the smaller dolls is the Sunshine Cuties range, these are dolls dressed and ready for the summer!

Aren't they just Super Kawaii????!!! They all have specially designed bathing suits on along with matching accessories.

And again, the details carry onto the back of the dolls! This was a limited edition range but you can still find them for sale on sites such as Amazon.

The next set I have is the Snow Bunnies and has the dolls all dressed for winter!

Each doll has a super cute jacket, mittens and some even have scarves. Each seasonal set brings a new scent to each doll so your perfumes match the seasons as well as your outfits!

As well as releasing sets, Harajuku Lovers also released limited edition Gwen perfumes. The first one I have to show you is G of the Sea which has Gwen portrayed as a beautiful mermaid! This is large doll like the first sets I showed you.

The next limited edition perfume I have to show you is Super G! This has Gwen portrayed as a super hero with mask and cape!! This is also a large doll.

The last doll I have did not come part of a perfume set, but I display it on a spare G of the Sea perfume I got. This doll came as part of a set of pens that you could use to 'Create your own G' which was the name of the set. I have chosen to leave it plain as I thought it looked kawaii enough sat on this bottle ^^.

So that is all I have in my collection at the moment, but I have read that Gwen has just last week launched a new collection called 'Pop Electric' in which the dolls look like they have been dipped in molten chrome. You can find a pic of them on the HSN website where Gwen launched the new range. Hmmmm might this have to go on my Christmas list?!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Loungefly Sugar Skull Accessories ^^

Loungefly do a large range of accessories for all tastes, but one of my favourites that I own is a Sugar Skull collection. Sugar Skull comes from the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead or the Roman Catholic All Souls Day and can be seen in many highstreet stores across the globe. I first saw Sugar Skull on Honeymoon 8 years ago in San Diego and I have bought many accessories featuring the now famous designs.

The collection I have from Loungefly consists of hair slides and earrings and have a more grown up kawaii feel to them than some of Loungefly's other collections. 

The hair slides have a beautiful intricately designed black skull on with the designs being in pink, white and silver. Next to the skull is a pastel pink heart which matches the pink on the black skull. It is a very traditional looking design and can be worn in a more formal setting such as work.

The earrings also feature intricately sugar skulls:

The top set of earrings are white skulls with a traditional pattern in black and hot pink. These again can be worn in a more formal setting or part of a lolita outfit. The earring set also has a pair of black flowers and a set of purple wheels. These are more plainer but if you have several sets of earrings, they would compliment a set of more detailed earrings. The next set is of a pair of hot pink hearts, I have worn these with the first set of skull earrings and the pink of the hearts really brought out the pink on the skulls.  The last set of earrings are white sugar skulls with an intricate black and turquoise design. These also go with the pink hearts as part of an overall outfit.

To check out Loungefly's large range of sugar skull accessories check out their website!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

3DS Princess Peach Themes ^^

Nintendo have released a series of new themes that you can purchase from the Nintendo Shop for your 3DS! The themes are of popular Nintendo characters such as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Link and the most Kawaii character of all, Princess Peach <3

There are two Princess Peach themes currently available, the first one was released a few weeks ago and is called Completely Peach, here it is on my Animal Crossing 3DS:

The theme features a very bright pink, with a pic of Princess Peach on the top screen and crowns on the background. The bottom screen has a background of Mushrooms and little Peach heads! Folders have also been styled after her clothes!! The theme also comes with Mario music playing in the background and sound effects when you choose an option for added gaming power!!

The second theme which was released in the last few days is the Spinner Peach which features Princess Peach in the middle of the bottom screen, and she turns as you move through the options:

She starts facing you and then as you cycle through the icons she turns till she is back facing you:

The top screen has various Mario characters and items from the Mario series such as the fire flower and the invincibility star, outlined in pink! This has a another version of the Mario music playing in the background and sound effects!

Each theme is £1.79 from the store which isn't a bad price to Kawaii up your 3DS ^^ Make sure you check out the themes available before you miss them!

Catch you tomorrow Kawaiisters!! ^^

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kawaii Collections - Living Dead Dolls

With Halloween fast approaching I thought I would post about a small but spooky collection that I have called Living Dead Dolls. The dolls were first created in 1998 and are horror themed. The range just launched their 26th range in the series and it has already sold out on their website due to their high popularity! As well as being horror themed, I think they are very kawaii and have a few in my collection ^^

The first doll I'm going to show you is my favourite, her name is Catrina and was part of the 20th series which was a Day of the Dead series:

She has very long black hair that has an adorable red rose in it. She is wearing a cute black and white stripey strapless top and a black skirt with a white skull and cross bones on it. She also has little white socks and a black pair of Mary Jane shoes! I love Mary Janes!! ^^ Her face is decorated with a sugar skull pattern which I love! The description on the Living Dead Doll site for Catrina says:

Elegant Catrina dressed for a night out of her grave
Sugar skull cookies are the sweets that she craves
The living have honored her with the altar they made
And she dances her way through the Dia de los Muertos Parade

Each doll comes in a coffin shaped and decorated box with a death certificate. Carina's certificate says:

Her grave is visited with gifts for the dead
A ritual celebration including Pan de Muertos bread
The midnight vigil held for this angelitos
To keep the memory living of our little ghost

The next doll we have is one the Mr wanted due to his love of luchador wrestlers, he is also part of series 20! This is El Luchador Muerto:

He is dressed as a traditional luchador wrestler with a cape and mask which is decorated with spider webs to match the spider on his chest. The description on the Living Dead Doll site for El Luchador Muerto says:

In the ring El Luchador was king
And all of his opponents dispatched
Until this rudos said adios
And was defeated in a wager match

And his death certificate says:

The face of muertos upon his mask
This luchador is at the top of his class
Defeating all creatures until there were none left
And so he chose to wrestle instead with death

The last doll I am going to show you is Sunday:

Sunday is dressed as a little angel with wings and a halo. Her little cap sleeve dress has a pink tint to it and a ruffled skirt and she is wearing little white Mary Janes ^^. The description on the Living Dead Doll site for Sunday says:

"An angel is what you are." Is what her Mother said.
She placed upon her costume wings, a halo above her head.
Sunday trusted her Mommy, and believed this to be so.
Climbed did she the highest tree around, from its peak she let go.

And her death certificate says:

She hit many branches on the way to the ground
The breaking of bone made an awful sound
Severe blunt trauma to the chest, neck, and head
Is why this little angel was found lying dead.

They aren't for everyone but I love these dolls, and I do find these to be Kawaii despite them having a dark edge to them. Each doll is 18 inches and is super high quality. Since its popularity has grown Living Dead Dolls now sell a whole range of items such as plushes, a board game, school supplies, Halloween costumes and much more. They have even done blind boxes!!

And if you have read my blog before you will have come across several other posts on blind bags/boxes! This one I got from Mr as a Christmas stocking present! This is who I got in my box:

This is Calavera and she is Super Kawaii!! Her face is decorated with sugar skull patterns which as I said before, I LOVE!! She is standing next to a spade and by the looks of it has dug up something!! She is just one of the ten figures that you could collect in this mini figure series.

To find out more about Living Dead Dolls visit their website!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Gaming Review - Love Letter

Love Letter is a game for 2-4 players that is taking the world by storm!  The game was created by Japanese designer, Seiji Kanai, and is published in the English speaking world by AEG.  The backstory to the game, taken from AEG's site is:

"Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in which lived a beautiful princess.  She was a sweet soul, kind to all and was thus loved by the whole of the kingdom. Several young men had fallen helplessly in love with the princess, but unable to enter the castle, all they could do was send her letters of their affection. However, to their dismay, they found that letters from just anyone would not reach the princess. So the young would-be suitors set themselves on finding allies among the castle’s servants, so that they might deliver their letter to the princess personally."

Love Letter has been made with various themes, but we got the Kanai Factory Edition version, which features the artwork from the original Japanese release.  It also comes with two promotional cards to let you play for the love of a handsome Prince or a beautiful Princess wearing glasses instead of the normal Princess.  I think this version of Love Letter has the cutest artwork, which is why it is the version we chose ^^

The game only features 16 cards - and it all comes in one handy box so there's no need to buy booster packs or multiple copies of the game.

The game is really simple, based around drawing and discarding a card at a time to make sure that you are the last suitor standing! The winner of each round is the person whose Love Letter managed to get to the Princess (or Prince!) and therefore you win a token of affection.  The first player to win three tokens of affection is the winner!

The different cards represent different people at the castle, from guards to clowns and brave knights to a sneaky minister. They each have a different effect on the game and using these to your advantage is the key to winning the heart of the Princess!

The game is really quick to play (5-15 minutes or so) and is great fun! We really enjoy playing it and recommend it to you even if you aren't used to playing these kinds of games.  Just watch out for that Minister! ^^