Sunday, 25 May 2014

Nyanpire - The Gothic World of Nyanpire

A small black kitten was abandoned by his owner. The kitten was rescued by a vampire, who fed the kitten his blood, turning him into Nyanpire! The Gothic World of Nyanpire was turned into a cartoon series in 2011 and it featured Nyanpire during his everyday adventures and spending time with his human owner. Unfortunately there were only 12 episodes in the series, but Nyanpire can still be found in shops and game centres across Japan.

This video is a little introduction to the Kawaii characters you will find on the show:

When we were in Tokyo, I noticed that Nyapire was a character you saw being used to add a touch of Kawaii to darker fashions such as Goth Lolita, Punk and Rock. He is super cute and you can find him and his friends on an array of items! Over the last few years I have managed to pick up a few pieces which I thought I could show in this post.

Here are some of the pieces I have in my collection, most of which we came across in game centres and had to win!

These first items below are little charms that you can collect and display in lots of different ways, such as a necklace or a charm bracelet.  The programme has several characters, the first on the from right is Nyatenshi who is a little white cat that was thrown out of Heaven for his womanizing ways! He has little black wings and a halo above his head ^^. The character at the back right is Nyanpire ^^. The cat on the back left is Chachamaru who is a siamese cat that wears a large pink ribbon! Super cute! She lives with Nyanpire as she has the same human owner. The last cat at the front left is Masamunya Dokuganryu, a samurai cat that falls in love with Nyanpire. Masamunya Dokuganryu is dressed as Date Masamune, the famous Samurai.

For added Kawaiiness, each pendant comes in a coffin shaped box which I have kept to keep them nice. One of the next items is a housey item which shows you the range in which you can find Nyanpire on!

This is a pink waste paper bin that had a swing lid. It is super Kawaii and features Nyanpire himself on the front of it. The item in front of the bin is a small pouch which again features Nyanpire. You can use this pouch for either coins or small items of make up, which is what I use it for ^^.

In this pic you can see a super Kawaii mini plush of Nyanpire dressed in a Happi which has a little cat print on it, he also has a cat fan ^^.  This is the type of outfit you would see at a traditional Japanese festival! You can find many plushes available in game centres with outfits changing with the seasons. The last two items behind the plush are two, more detailed charms that I won in a UFO machine. One is Nyanpire and the other is Masamunya Dokuganryu. They both feature a pink cross hanging below them and a pink bell above them on the chain. These could also be used on a necklace or as just a charm on a special bag. Other items I have blogged about before have also featured Nyanpire such as the photo frames in my Kawaii Snaps post!

Do you have any Kawaii Nyanpire items? 

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Saturday is Parcel Day!!! ^^

Last Saturday I blogged about Saturday being parcel day in that it's the day we go and pick up any parcels the Post Office is holding for us and today is Saturday!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! <3

I only had one parcel waiting for me this week but it's one I have been looking forward to ALL week! While catching up on Twitter on Sunday I spotted a tweet from Artbox, they have an online store offering all sorts of Kawaii, but what caught my attention with this tweet was the mention of TOKIDOKI! I <3 Tokidoki so much and have blogged about various items I have managed to get my hands on before. So when I saw this tweet I just had to check it out.

Artbox were selling 4 awesome Tokidoki X Sanrio Character watches, all of which are super Kawaii!! And having a quick look at them, and knowing how quickly they might disappear from the site, I made an impulse buy and bought all 4!

To be honest they were a complete bargain at only £29.99 each and offered free UK shipping! Each watch is different and features a mixture of Sanrio and Tokidoki characters.

This watch is set on a blue strap and features Hello Kitty as a Moofia, Bad Badtz Maru, PomPom Purin, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Adios and Caio Caio to name just a few.

This watch is set on white strap and features My Melody and Cinnamaroll riding Unicornos, Hello Kitty as various Tokidoki characters, Bad Badtz Maru, Kerroppi and Little Twin Stars. It also features a more obscure Sanrio Character called Hangyodon as Donutella with a Taiyaki twist!


This watch is set on a black strap and has a darker theme compared to the first two watches. This features Kuromi (<3), Tuxedo Sam, Little Twin Stars and Savana from the Tokidoki Royal Pride Collection dressed as My Melody. This would be super Kawaii for a dark Kawaii Kawaiister!

And last but definitely my favourite, is this one!

This watch is set on a pink watch and features my favourite Tokidoki Character, Unicorno!!!!!! <3 The top of the watch features Hello Kitty dressed as a Cactus Friend riding a rainbow Unicorno. Just below the watch face Cinnamonroll is riding a pink themed Unicorno. At the bottom of the strap is Hangyodon dressed as a Moofia riding a blue themed Unicorno. The centre of the watch face is a Unicorno Merry-Go-Round surrounded by various Tokidoko and Sanrio Characters! This is a super Kawaii watch and definitely my favourite! 

On a whole, my ordering experience with Artbox was an extremely successful one! They sell a huge range of Kawaii items from lots of ranges such as Care Bears, Domo, Kidrobot and the Powerpuff Girls. The ordering process was super smooth and the items arrived very well wrapped and on time. I highly recommend them based on my first experience and can see this being the first of many orders to come!

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Punky Pins - New Arrivals!! ^^

Last week I did a review of an awesome shop called Punky Pins. While I was writing my post I checked out their online store and found a few gems I couldn't resist, especially as some of them were in a sale! After clicking publish on last weeks review I submitted an order and it arrived today!! Super speedy and in a jiffy bag!

The first item I bought was a kawaii Kokeshi Love Necklace! It's super cute and is even better in the flesh! This was an awesome bargain being only £4.25 in their sale! The chain is slightly chunky  which I love and the pendants are of a very good quality!

The second item I purchased was a Kokeshi Love Bracelet ^^. It differs slightly from the necklace in that the pendants are pink and the necklace is red. It shows a super Kawaii Kokeshi doll and love symbols in hearts. This again is a really good quality piece, and at £5.50 it's another bargain!

The last item I just couldn't resist was a Harajuku mixed charm bracelet! It has an assortment of Kawaii items as charms including Kokeshi Dolls, Maneki Nekos, and Rainbow Clouds.

This is an awesome piece, very high quality and again, on a chunky chain. It's brightly coloured and surprisingly light to wear. I cannot wait to debut this one! This item wasn't in the sale, but was still only £11.00!!! Even being full priced this is a super Kawaii bargain!

Punky Pins still have their sale on so if you love these pieces swing by and grab some before they all disappear!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

Monday, 19 May 2014

Blind Bags! - My Little Pony ^^

Have you ever heard of blind bags? or blind boxes? A blind bag or box is an item that you can buy and you don't know what's inside! You can find these types of items all over the place now a days and I find they are a really affordable and kawaii surprise! The blind items are usually an all over print so you cannot see inside.

We recently found these My Little Pony blind bags in Sainsburys for just a few pound. They normally come as part of a collection and you can go onto collect the whole range. The bags normally show you somewhere on the packaging (here it's on the back) what items come in the range, and therefore what you could possibly have inside the bag.

This range from My Little Pony has 12 in its set and it shows you a pic of each one and their name.
Having seen what was available I couldn't wait to open my blind bags to see which ones I had! ^^

And here they are!!!!

I managed to get three different ponies, Applejack, Big Mcintosh and Amethyst Star! Aren't they super Kawaii!!!!  They are very well detailed and brightly coloured. They each come with their own card that shows a pic of them, their name and their personality. The back of the card has a lovely little scene of the ponies you can get as part of the range. I find that this is an awesome way to get little ornaments that you can use all over the home and work. I have a habit of sticking them along the top of my work monitor. No matter how much they irritate my colleagues, I don't care, they cheer me up and remind me there's life outside of the boring office!

You can find blind bags in supermarkets, toy stores and online. They are normally around £1.99 and are awesome little gifts for a friend or just a treat for yourself! And if you get duplicates, it's ok! You can use them as decorations, jewellery or you could even swap them with a friend!

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Parcels and Presents! ^^

I love Saturdays, firstly because it's the weekend but more excitingly because it's the day my Mr visits the Post Office to pick up any parcels we have! (and there is always something waiting for us!) We are avid internet shoppers as well as frequent visitors to Birmingham City Centre for shopping ^^. Today I got a mixture of parcels and presents! I LOVE PRESENTS! <3 So I decided to do a quick post on what I picked up in Brum last week and what arrived today.

The first item in the top right hand corner of the pic above is a present to myself ^^ a lovely new Kawaii Tokidoki shopping bag! It's a small hand shopper that is part of the Tokidoki X Sanrio Characters range I have blogged about before. It's a cute little bag that I can fit everything I need for a shopping trip, my phone, keys, purse, tamagotchi and perfume. (I always carry a perfume on me ^^).

I got the Tokidoki bag on eBay for a bargain £30 including shipping all the way from Tokyo, Japan. It came super quick and very well packaged so that seller will be getting positive feedback!!

The next item on the pic is a few bits I picked up in H&M. I always check out H&M as from working there in the past I know what gems can turn up in the deliveries! Especially in kidswear! I got the My Little Pony hair clips from the little girls section as they were lovely colours and featured a pony on each one ^^ I thought they may come in handy as part of an outfit for Hyper Japan! I also picked up some colourful springy wrist bands in a range of colours! As well as wearing them on my wrist I thought they may look cool as hair bands over my hair buns! The wrist bands were £1.99 for a set of 4 and the hair clips were also £1.99, bargains!

As you can see at the bottom corner of the pic above, I had some awesome presents arrive for me today too! Mr surprised me with two presents!

The first present was a bag full of teeny tiny hair bows! THEY ARE SUPER KAWAII  ^^. They are all really well made and they cover a huge range of colours so will go with all sorts of outfits I have. Mr found them being sold in bundles on eBay and thought I could incorporate them into some outfits at Hyper Japan, great minds think alike!! I can't wait to start matching them up with various looks!

The second present was a Pink Head necklace by Tarina Tarantino. I blogged about this range a few weeks ago and whilst I was typing up the post Mr was checking out the website. He sneakily purchased a necklace whilst I was typing away and I love it! It's a Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty Pink Head and is adorable, it comes on a lovely chunky silver chain detailed with a few sparkly beads. I think I will save this for our Anniversary date in July! <3

I took a few pics of some other bits I came across while out shopping in Brum that I thought were cute and worth sharing.

Paperchase in Selfridges had a rather large range of Kawaii erasers in all shapes and sizes! All Japanese made and very cute! I use erasers like these at work to help keep my desk Kawaii!

Jelly shoes!! By a brand called JuJu were on display in Footasylum. I quite like nipping into Footasylum as they can have the odd item, they aren't always there but when they are they are worth grabbing. These are Jelly shoes that I remember from my childhood that appear to be making a comeback! an awesome way to stay Kawaii in the sun and on the beach! ^^

This caught my eye because of the way it had been packaged for display! It's a pack of 30 kids hair bands, a very imaginative way to display I thought. The last pic is of some colourful Kawaii hair bobbles, I love hair bobbles and these are some really nice vibrant ones that were in the ladies accessories in H&M.

I'll keep my eye out for anything else I spot next time I visit Brum so you may want to keep an eye on my Facebook page or Twitter as I do post updates there of things I come across! You don't want to miss any!

As it's a beautiful day here I'm off to enjoy the sun!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Punky Pins

While I was on holiday in Edinburgh last year we did a spot of shopping. One shop we popped into was PULP which specialises in music and pop culture inspired fashion. What drew my eye while we strolled round the store was some awesome accessories from a brand called Punky Pins.

Punky Pins are, in their own words "a prominent figure within the independent, handmade fashion industry, with various well known celebrity figures regularly snapped wearing the brand". They do a whole host of accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hair accessories. They had a few pieces stocked in PULP, some I just had to bring home with me!

The first item on the left is a super Kawaii Mermaid necklace. Shes quite big at just over 2 inches and is made of wood with in laid acrylic details. She's holding a lovely red heart which made me feel she was looking for love. <3 The chain is the same colour as the wood which is awesome attention to detail. 

The other two items are a matchin set of necklace and ring. The centre part of the bow is mirrored and the outside part glittery. I have worn them as a set and individually and have always had comments ^^. 

The pendants are really well made and are very well detailed. They are very reasonably priced as well and come in a lovely presentation box. 

In the interest of research for this post I have popped onto their website and found some awesome pieces for sale. I have found an awesome Gumball Necklace and a super Kawaii Panda Pocket Mirror ^^. I think I'll have to pop back and grab a piece or two. 

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tamagotchi P's Special

One item that all Kawaiisters should own is a Tamagotchi.^^ They have been around since 1996 and since then millions have been sold across the globe. Tamagotchis are virtual pets which over the years have come in various shapes, sizes and series. They are small, normally egg shaped, hand held devices which have come to be an added kawaii accessory that can even be displayed round your neck on a kawaii lanyard.

While we were in Tokyo in February we came across a Japan only Tamagotchi called the Tamagotchi P's. They were released back in 2012 and have yet to be sold outside of Japan. The commercial for the P's shows you some of the graphics you can expect and features:


The Tamagotchi P's come with 24 new characters and is set in Dream Town. The device is the first of its kind to come with a slot that allows a detachable pin (Piece) to be inserted into it. The piece (which is the items at the top of the devices) allows access to special items, characters and areas depending on the feature of the piece. Having bought mine from Puroland I bought the Sanrio Piece, you can see this on the pink tamagotchi on the left. Mr bought a white tamagotchi and the Disney Piece. We left the opening of the P's till we got home as we didn't want any trouble carrying them on us through airport security.

When you first start the P you are greeted with an opening screen, then asked to insert basic information such as your date of birth, a name for your pet and the time and date. Once this has been updated you are given an egg!!!!

After a few minutes of you egg rolling around making cracking noises, your egg cracks open completely and you see what you have! You are given either a Pinkbotchi (girl)

 or a Aokumotchi (boy).

I received the Aokumotchiand named him <3 <3 <3 ^^. My Tama is above, and you can see that the top and bottom of the screen has changed as I have inserted my Sanrio Piece. This decorates the menu screen with Sanrio characters.

At this stage your pet will need lots of feeding and cleaning up after it, but it doesn't take long for it to reach the toddler stage. After around an hour or two, mine evolved into Mitsumarutchi

As with normal Tamas you can feed and wash your pet although the screens are much improved on the P's.

You can also take your pet out to places such as the park where they can meet other pets and undertake paid park warden work. 

To raise money you can visit the Tama Game Centre and play mini games that reward you with various values of money depending on how well you play the game. You can also visit the shop and buy various items for your home and for your pet to play with. I recently bought the sewing machine for my pet and he made a bag!

There are lots of items on offer for you to buy and I was lucky enough to find a voucher outside my pet's house which gives me 50% off all the items ^^. 

There are many places you can take your pet including day care (which comes in very handy when you work!) and you can even send them out to work (which again is handy when you work ^^). As I have the Sanrio Piece I can send my pet to Sanrio Land where they can be given items to make them look like Sanrio characters! When I get to this stage I will show you pics via Facebook and Twitter. ^^

Your pet can, once it's old enough, meet and date other characters within the game, and even have babies! Crazy!!

If you know anyone else that owns a P's you can connect the two P's and carry out tasks such as eating and playing together. Your pet also keeps a diary of what they have done, which includes a mini picture. As the game is completely in Japanese I am still working out what each option does, and as I progress with my pet I will send you updates via Facebook and Twitter. 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Seller Review - YY Kawaii

After waiting very patiently my new phone case has arrived, and it was seriously worth the wait! While scouring Etsy for new Kawaii sellers I came across YY Kawaii, a seller who makes handmade decoden phone cases and accessories. The first bonus to YY Kawaii is the options to have a case for older Iphones such as the 4s which I currently have. With Japan being such a fast moving technological society, we found it incredibly hard to find new cases when we last visited Tokyo. We did find a case each in the end but I have to admit, my Hello Kitty chocolate bar case is no where near as Kawaii as what has just arrived!

Being a fan of Hatsune Miku, when I came across a phone case decorated with a miniature of her I just had to place an order! Following some communications with the seller (who is extremely helpful and friendly) I placed an order for a Miku iphone 4s case. The seller needed to order in the miniature for my case so all in my order arrived after three weeks. This I was completely happy with as the timescales were communicated to me throughout the entire ordering process. The seller contacted me when they received the miniature and sent me a pic via Etsy of the newly created case. I am hugely impressed with what I have been sent!

In the package was a small pack of love hearts (which I love), a business card with contact details, an instruction sheet outlining how to care for my case, and wrapped up extremely well in bubble wrap, my case.

The case is decorated with the colours I requested using items which were shown to me when I placed the order. The decoden is on a clear iphone 4s case and is extremely substantial. I can't explain how much I love it <3

Here is a close up of the case in all its glory! Hatsune Miku is super Kawaii and surrounded by cute candy! To show you how substantial the case is I have taken a side shot of it:

Being such a large case I wont fit this into my pocket which just gives me an excuse to carry it in a Kawaii bag! This will also help look after it ^^

Overall I am one extremely impressed and happy customer who will definitely be returning for more! The seller is extremely friendly and helpful and communicates throughout the process. Highly recommended by me!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Seller Review - KITSCH BITCH

In preparation for Hyper Japan I have been scouring the internet for some new awesome Kawaii accessories. One place where you can find all sorts of amazing sellers is Etsy. I have been searching all sorts of sellers when I came across KITSCH BITCH. They make and sell, in their own words "Handmade kitschy, kawaii, harajuku, laser cut and unique jewelry and accessories by Kitsch Bitch. Check out a wide range of handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings."

They have a huge amount on offer, over 500 pieces on sale, and after going through each one I ended up purchasing two new necklaces. I purchased the items on Sunday and they have arrived today! So thumbs up for the super speedy delivery! The items arrived in a jiffy bag which I couldn't wait to open! Inside the jiffy bag was a little pink and white striped paper bag and inside, my items wrapped up all neatly in a pink tissue paper, sealed with a Kawaii sticker:

Having carefully unsealed the tissue paper, my items were, as described when purchasing, inside cute little pink organza bags. You can ask to have them sent in boxes instead if you prefer.

I purchased two necklaces, the first being a laser cut out of the word Kawaii.

The pendant comes in a lovely pastel lilac colour and the i's have hearts at the top for added Kawaiiness! The chain comes in a range of colours but I opted for the pink. They give you an option of a longer chain which I asked for and have received exactly what I requested! Thumbs up again!

The second necklace is of a Sailor Moon silhouette, this comes in a choice of either black and pink, I went for black and asked for a silver chain. Again, it has arrived the requested length.

Both items are of a very high quality and were a bargain at being less than £8 each! I'm very happy with my purchases and with the service I have received. So it's a thumbs up for KITSCH BITCH!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Countdown Begins!

Well its' 80 days till Hyper Japan, which you would think is ages away, but it's creeping up very quickly! I've never been before and can't wait to go and meet other Kawaii lovers like me! My Mr and I will be attending for the whole weekend, and I'm starting to get slightly nervous as to what to wear as I'm hoping to meet up with Kawaii UK (the Facebook group). I've never met up with any other Kawaii lovers before and I can't wait to see all the awesome outfits everyone will be wearing!

I'm into Decora style which means lots and lots of accessories!!!! I have started looking through what accessories I have to establish some outfit ideas. This has given me a great excuse to look at what's new in the world of accessories and to try out some new sellers. I have a few things on the way and once they arrive I'll share them and their sellers with you.  One item I will definitely be taking with me is an awesome new Japanimation bag my Mr surprised me with today:

I think this is my new favourite bag and I think one of my favourite ranges from Sanrio!! It's my starting point for my outfits for Hyper Japan and I can't wait to start putting them together!
Will you be going to Hyper Japan?

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

Sunday, 4 May 2014

h.NAOTO x Hello Kitty

h.NAOTO is a Japanese designer of mainly punk and gothic clothing. He has a two storey shop called h.NAOTO+ in Harajuku on Cat Street which looks awesome!

For Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary, Sanrio collaborated with h.NAOTO to produce a range combining punk and gothic lolita. The end product was an awesome range featuring accessories, bags and charms.

Being a rocker this range was a must find for me and we managed to track down some awesome pieces. 

We managed to get our hands on a super Kawaii bag in the shape of Hello Kitty's head. In the range she has bright yellow hair and her trade mark bow is replaced with a Kawaii cross bones ribbon. You can't fit a lot in it but who cares! It looks super cute ^^. We also got hold of a gorgeous chunky necklace. The chain is black plastic and features several charms such as skulls and crosses on it. It also features a sparkly crown which you can see in the pic below:

The main pendant is a Hello Kitty charm with her dressed as a gothic lolita, with yellow and black as her main colours. Her outfit is ultra cute and details crosses and skull and cross bones. Her legs have a green detail and her shoes have blue detailed on them. You can see her full outfit in the close up pic below.

This necklace is a very strong looking piece and is a huge statement in itself. If you want to get your hands on something from this range then keep your eyes pealed on eBay as they do crop up from time to time, just be willing to click as soon a you see it!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Summer is coming ^-^

With the weather getting warmer and the sun getting brighter we popped into TK Maxx to check out their sun glasses as I was in need of some new kawaii ones. With such a large selection and with me being super picky about my glasses I didn't have high hopes.....but I was in luck! Not only did I find a pair, I found 2!!

I had never come across the Betsey Johnson range before but they instantly caught my attention! Most sun glasses on offer are either black, brown or have very little colourful detail. This pair caught my attention first as they were a nice rounded shape and had a nice pink animal print inspired detail.

Once I saw these I then went on a hunt for any other Betsey Johnson glasses I could find, and I was in luck. These have to be my favourites!

These are a pair of heart shaped sun glasses with a predominantly bright pink frame. On top of the frame is a skull and cross bones pattern which covers the outside of the frame. This was the only pair of this design I could find so I just had to get them before someone else did! I can see them becoming a favourite for many summers to come!

After being so successful on the sun glasses front I took my chances with the shoes. After fighting my way through the swathes of women who stalk the shoe shelves I found the most Kawaii pair of flip flops ever!

They are an adorable pastel pink with light blue/turquoise straps. The pattern on the straps is alternating pink and blue hearts with three larger pink hearts detailing on each side. They are from the Pineapple brand and are super Kawaii! They will look awesome on the beach during my summer hols ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^